The Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Format Printing

19 Apr


Large format printing offers you a large space to advertise your business, products and services. The high visibility of your content (graphics, text and images) helps deliver your brand message effectively to a large audience. Popular forms of large format marketing collaterals that most businesses use are posters, banners, pull-up banners, signage, decals and stickers, canvas printing and plan printing.

Advantages of Large Format Printing

With its low costs and lasting impression, large format printing is one of the most cost-effective print marketing tools available. It has several advantages:

  • A Great High-Impact Advertising Medium: The use of droplet technology creates sharp and clear images that are visible even from a distance which increases brand recognition. Information about your business, deals and discounts on large printed collaterals can immediately catch the attention of potential customers when they’re out for shopping in your targeted area.

Large format printing is also a great way to entice attendees in a trade show or exhibition. It’ll help you stand out from the crowd. A call-to-action in your large format display can quickly generate leads for your business.

  1. Print on Demand: Unlike traditional offset printing that can only print in bulk, large format printing allows you to print according to the quantity you need. This means no unwanted surplus.
  1. Long Lasting: Some large format printing is meant to be mounted outside. Billboards and posters are placed outside for long periods of time. Therefore, maintaining the display quality is a necessity. Constructed from durable and UV-resistant materials, large format printing can withstand continuous exposure to different kinds of weather conditions without fading.


  • Going Wrong with the Ink: Choosing the right ink and the right material for your large format promotional material can often be tricky. Businesses often try to save money by going for comparatively low-cost material and ink without judging if it’ll serve their purpose. Material and ink must be compatible otherwise the whole project can sink.
  • It Isn’t Versatile: Large format printing is meant for a specific purpose. It’s not a versatile marketing tool. If billboards, hoardings, banners, or large posters are not what you’re looking for to promote your brand, it can be a waste of time for your business.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of large format printing, you can start building a marketing strategy. Make a business statement with large format printed materials and get an edge over your competitors.

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