The Benefits of Print Media in the Digital Era

Thu May , 2018

Printing Media

With constant technological advancements, we are progressing towards a fully digital world. You can get just about any information online and connect with people worldwide with a tap on a screen or the click of a mouse. The internet has the changed the way we live and communicate. It has touched almost every industry in one way or the other, including the advertising industry. The success and convenience of digital marketing and online advertisements have made businesses migrate to the web. So, does that mean print media is no longer needed?

Print is still relevant and maintains its stance as a powerful component of advertising. Print media reaches customers in ways which digital media can’t, thus making it beneficial for businesses even in the digital era. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of print media that prove its still relevant in a digital world.

Less Competition

Websites and various online platforms are flooded with advertisements, thus increasing the competition. As a result, your ad can go unnoticed among the similar products or services. On the contrary, print market has less competition and allows businesses to have a targeted approach without worrying about the advertisements of their competitors.

Extended Lifespan

The lifespan of a print advertisement is longer compared to an online ad. Magazines and newspapers with printed ads or leaflets and brochures can stay with customers for months or sometimes years. But, a digital ad can disappear after a few minutes or hours. Also, printed advertisements that are once viewed can be seen again, unlike the digital ads that disappear over time.

Wider Reach

Print media offers versatility as everyone can access print and it’s not limited to a virtual medium such as a smartphone, computer or laptop. Digital media offers a limited approach to only tech-savvy customers. However, there are many people who hardly use social media platforms. For them, printed advertisements such as leaflets, brochures and business cards are the best options. That said, mugs, magnets, t-shirts and stickers also work as great tools to promote a brand to people who are comfortable with the internet.

Increased Credibility

People often avoid clicking on pop-ups and banner ads on websites because of fear of spam or viruses. On the other hand, there is no such danger in a print ad, thus giving a sense of legitimacy to the advertisement and the brand. When you choose to promote your product or service on a print medium, your credibility automatically increases in the eyes of customers.

Lasting Impression

It’s no secret that physical interaction and experience are important for people. Therefore, a medium that offers tangibility is likely to create a lasting impression on the customers compared to its intangible counterpart. An online advertisement can never give the experience of physically touching a paper, flipping of pages and writing notes. Therefore, print media is a clear winner when it comes to creating an impact on the audiences.

Print media is still a very lucrative market for businesses to promote their brand. No doubt the speed, convenience, and effortlessness of digital media have made it one of the preferred choices of brand promotion. But, print media has its own relevance as it has something unique that digital can’t offer.

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