The Importance of Printing in Different Sectors

Wed Sep , 2017

Printing technology has come a long way since Johannes Gutenberg printed copies of the Bible on his printing press in 1452. His invention has played a vital role in shaping the world we know today.

Before the printing technology was invented, there was always a general desire for learning. But, back then books were handwritten and expensive. With the introduction of the printing press, the cost of print went down and more people began reading.

Importance of Printing
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While online media is rapidly growing, print still has a place across many different sectors as this post will demonstrate.

  • Advertising

Printing is still an important method of advertising because people generally have a liking and respect towards newspapers and magazines. Many people consider print advertisements to be credible, informative and long lasting.

Unlike the brief messages of television, advertisements on print media are elaborative and explain the message accurately. That said, the colourful presentation and informative text attract the attention of many readers. Many companies print comprehensive brochures and colourful flyers to advertise their products by taking advantage of the credibility of printing.

The most important role of printing in advertising is its lifespan. A short advertisement on television could have ‘out of sight, out of mind’ effect on the viewers but that’s not the case with print advertisements. People can keep the brochure or print with them for months.

  • Photography

Most photographs today are shared and viewed in a digital form. But, the impact of printing a photograph holds more emotional importance than a digitalized one. With a printed photograph, the moment captured is immortalized into a physical object.

A printed photograph also affects people’s legacy. For example, the black and white photographs of your grand parents and great grand parents are your family’s legacy. Even if you haven’t met your great grand parents or grand parents, their photographs are significant for you. When it comes to gifting something special, a photo album containing photos of your loved ones will be of great value to you compared to a digital album of photographs. Even the hard drives used to store images can die someday but the printed photographs will be looked at by generations to come.

  • Packaging

People are surrounded by different consumable products and those products are encased in packaging. The product packaging is an essential part of any commodity as it provides information about the product. Be it food or cosmetic products, the details regarding the manufacturing, expiry and batch number are printed on the packaging. These details are necessary for the consumer. Apart from the information, clear and high-quality printing adds to the overall look of the finished product. It’s a part of the brand and builds the reputation of the product. That’s why superior packaging material and flawless printing technology is used to prepare the finished product.

We live in a digital era, where it may seem that print has lost its value. But, that’s not true. Be it advertising or packaging, print is essential to support the functioning of various sectors. It’s an important channel that increases reach and helps in spreading information.