Awesome Tips to Use Postcards to Market & Grow Your Business

04 May

Postcards are a fantastic low-cost tool for the modern marketer. They can generate massive website traffic and sales leads, and are also one of the most economical ways to build brand awareness among existing clients and potential customers. The best part is that postcards grab the recipient’s attention instantly. For this reason it’s crucial to thoroughly craft them with eye-catching designs and relevant copywriting.

Keep reading to discover tricks to successful business promotion through postcards.


Tips to Successfully Use Postcard Marketing 

Promoting your business through postcards printing is relatively inexpensive. Even if you manage a 1-2% response rate, it’s worth the effort.

Here are a few tips to generate the most responses.

●       Focus on Your Mailing List

In marketing it’s essential to target your relevant audience. If you haven’t established your target market, then your social media and website data can help you figure that out. Once you find your ideal customer, you can use that demographic to your advantage. Filtering your mailing list by gender, location and other criteria will help you focus on your niche customers.

  • Choose Attractive Designs

When it comes to using these particular marketing tools for promotion and sales growth, “attractive” doesn’t just mean pleasant. Your postcards should grab the attention of the recipient within seconds. A catchy logo, bright images and colour contrast can help make your postcard more attractive.

  • Use Both Sides

Postcards don’t come in envelopes so your potential customer can view either side first. Therefore, you have the freedom to utilize both sides of the card, including a call to action on each. Remember that by using both sides, you make sure that your recipient receives the message, no matter which they see first.

  • Provide Consistent and Meaningful Messages

Once your potential client starts receiving your postcards, it’s essential to be consistent to create a positive image of customer service. Incorporating meaningful and informative messages will likewise reinforce that brand image.

  • Promote Branding With Frequent Mailings

For any business, how frequently the customer is receiving your message is as important as the message itself. When you achieve the right frequency, your brand automatically becomes more familiar, potentially leading to regular customers. This is why big brands have million-dollar ad spends on TV and billboards. You can achieve a (modestly) similar effect with good-quality postcards printed at a much lower cost.

  • Avoid a Direct Sales Pitch

Remember that your goal is to create brand awareness and attraction among consumers, not to close sales. A postcard doesn’t offer much space to provide all the information needed to make a purchasing decision. You can, however, use them to generate sales inquiries.

If you’re using postcards for the first time, briefly refer to the significant benefits of your product/service. This will hopefully be enough to get readers excited enough to want more information by visiting your website or giving you a call. That’s when you can close the sale.

Different Ways to Use Postcards to Grow Your Business 

There are many effective ways to use postcards to grow your business. Here are some ideas to help you with your next print marketing campaign:

  • Promotional Handouts

By handing out postcards in places your potential customers shop, you can quickly raise brand awareness and promote upcoming events or sales.

  • Coupon Cards

This is the best way to make your clients keep coming back and works especially well for service-based businesses like restaurants, salons and spas.

  • Invitations

Postcard invitations work best for promoting in-store sales and other events.

  • Thank-You Cards

Build a personal relationship with your consumers with a quick thank-you postcard to encourage brand loyalty.

  • Newsletters

Newsletters for a great way to keep customers informed about your company, but postcards can communicate a few essentials without having to fill an entire standard newsletter.

No matter what type of business you run, using postcards for promotion is a great way to grow your sales. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot on design and printing costs. With the help of the right printing company, you can get high-quality, full-colour format offset and digital postcards at the best prices to help your company stand out.

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