Top 5 Postcard Marketing Tips to Make Your Marketing Campaign a Success

Sun Feb , 2019

Many tried and tested classic marketing tools get overshadowed by marketing digitization these days. The postcard is one such sales tool. Many companies still recognize the simple yet effective command these tools have on branding their business. There are numerous factors which affect your marketing campaign and should be taken into consideration to ensure this marketing strategy is a success.

Top 5 Postcard Marketing Tips

This post shares and outlines five tips which will help you to design a marketing campaign where postcards can successfully play a central role.

Different Uses of Postcards:

Postcards can have different applications in marketing for your business, such as:

Announcements and invitations for any event you are organizing
A token of gratitude to old customers
As a gift card or discount voucher along with a purchase
Feedback forms during an event organized by you
The highlights of the day during a business gathering

When correctly used, it is a powerful method of communicating your business goals and highlight your products to prospective consumers. The following tips will help you to utilize postcard marketing effectively.

1. Choose a Unique but Relevant Design

Being a visual marketing tool, postcards must be designed and presented in a way which will influence the viewers thoroughly. The style, colour scheme, material, and content together work to create a design which will impact the person looking at it. A printing company working closely with top designers will be able to offer you numerous beautiful design templates to choose from for the postcards. Certain things to keep in mind while choosing a design are:

Avoiding too many texts or colours
Focus on a theme colour that connects with your brand identity
Use the company logo and highlight the key factors in a nutshell
Repeat the design and message to have an impact on your prospective clients

2. Identify your Audience and Design Accordingly

Understanding the preferences of your target audience and prospective customer is essential for designing a catchy postcard. Consider their:

Shopping habits
Hobbies and interests

This will be insightful when choosing the colour and overall design of the postcard. For example, if you are announcing a newly launched cosmetic targeting female students, the design should exude a youthful spirit. While a sober and classic design for the postcard is more appropriate when the product is targeting an elder age group.

3. Crisp Content Formatting

The headline, call-to-action and any other text within the postcard should be well-thought-out and suitably formatted keeping in mind the primary agenda of the campaign. Conveying your message with minimal wording is an effective way to generate leads which is often the primary purpose of this marketing.

Use short and bold headlines which summarize the agenda of your campaign
Ensure the information provided are chronological and well arranged
Highlight the key pointers instead of trying to explain everything in detail
The contact details should be accurate and easily visible
Choose a font style, colour, and alignment which can be seen easily- the printing service experts can help you out with suggestions here

4. Be Concise and To-The-Point

Your postcard should be able to leave a positive impression within the first couple of seconds of viewing it. This is possible when it is very concise and directly to the point and the viewer does not have to rack their brains to understand your perspective. Simple yet catchy language is the key to a successful marketing campaign. If you are offering a discount or designing a coupon, it must be the primary highlight of the design so that it is the first thing the viewer notices.

Avoid ambiguous language
Do not write an entire narrative to explain your purpose
Focus on the core benefit which is the main agenda of the campaign instead of trying to summarize all features of the company

5. Encourage Quick Actions from Customers

Your campaign should compel prospective customers to quickly take actions that will be profitable for you. A great way to induce sales is by offering a discount that has a deadline. The postcard can be a very personalized way of conveying the ongoing sale to your loyal customers and when you have a last day of sale or similar deadline added to it, it will mean the customers are more likely to go that route as soon as possible. Certain ways of doing this include:

The postcard design should highlight the benefits of the sale
Consider including additional prizes and mention them through pictures
Make sure the last date is properly visible

Postcard marketing is a classic and productive tool provided it is well-designed and you pay attention to details like the layout, colour and the printing paper. The tips shared through this post will be helpful to make the most out of your postcard marketing campaign when you have experienced copywriters and designers working for you to pull off an extraordinary design.