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Attractive Banner Printing in Toronto

Micro Printing Ltd is well-known for high-quality banner printing in Toronto. Our premium services include on-time delivery of projects at affordable prices. Whether you are launching a product or promoting your service at a large-scale event, choose us to print eye-catching banners. Our products are sure to capture the attention of your customers with their attractive colours and sharp illustrations. Apart from banners, we also specialize in printing –

At Micro Printing, customers satisfaction is our priority and we aim to provide the best-in-class printing services at budget-friendly rates. We provide cost-effective printing, bindery, graphic designing and corporate kitting services. From traditional offset technique to the contemporary digital technique, we offer a wide range of services with all of our expertise.

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Design Tips for Perfect Banner Printing

When it comes to designing impressive banners for printing, there a few tips you should follow.

  • Use large, readable texts as the aim of a banner is to attract attention from a distance
  • Choose bold and easy to read font as overly flamboyant can make it difficult for the viewers to read what’s written on the banner
  • Don’t use complicated sentences as a successful banner is very simplistic in terms of content
  • Include only necessary information in the design so that the message you want to convey is clear
  • Use high-quality photographs and graphics as they aid in attracting viewers from a glance
  • Choose colours carefully as each colour has a different meaning and make sure that the colour scheme complements your brand or logo

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Types of Materials Used for Banner Printing

There are four primary materials that are used for banner printing. Let’s learn about them.

1) Vinyl

Vinyl is the most versatile and commonly used material for banners. This material is lightweight, easy to install, durable, economical and offers large size and colour options. A banner made of vinyl can be hung using Velcro, bungees and other products used for hanging banners.

2) Poly

Poly material is ideal for one-time application and it is not designed to be used outdoors. If you’re looking for a durable material that can be used for an extended period of time, then it is the wrong choice for you.

3) Fabric

Fabric banners are ideal for indoor use. This material uses direct sublimation to print ink so that the ink goes through the fabric rather than sitting on it, unlike its vinyl counterpart that uses digital printing, that’s why the colours appear more vibrant.

4) Canvas

If you’re looking for a banner to be used for the high-end backdrop, then canvas is your best bet. This heavy material is not ideal for outdoor use as it doesn’t stand up to various elements.

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