Cost-Efficient Web Printing Services in Toronto

Web printing has revolutionized the industry by helping printing companies, like us, print efficiently and quickly. In fact, it’s become a vital part of the business and explaining it will help you understand why.

What Is Web Printing?

If you have seen streams of newspapers rolling hot through huge rollers, you have had a look at web printing. And as the name suggests, it utilizes the World Wide Web to function. It is a streamlined process where the orders generated online through a system with print-ready files go directly to the companies for print production.

Speed plays a vital role in web printing. Some web presses can even cut, perforate, and fold along with allowing quick printing. Web printing has many advantages and can benefit your business in many ways.

Types of Web Printers

There are two general classes of web presses

Heatset Offset Web Printer

Heatset printers can print on both coated and uncoated papers and they use heaters or drying lamps to set the inks.

Coldset Offset Web Printer

Coldset printers can only print on uncoated paper which dries through absorption. When coldset presses are fitted with UV lamps or heat dryers, they can print headset coloured pages and coldset black & white pages.

How Is It Beneficial for Your Business?

Successful integration of web printing can benefit your business in many ways. It is an efficient, quick, and easy way to process orders. Here are a few ways in which web printing can benefit your business.

1. Maintaining Brand Consistency

With the print templates web printing has to offer, you can set up a fixed brand template for each of your products. So, even after the customer has personalized it, the design remains with the printed product. This allows you to create custom mailers, logo templates, and so on. Now your designers don’t have to customize each piece according to your brand; a template can be used.

2. Reduced Wastage of Time and Material

Suppose you are planning on hosting an event and you order 1,500 flyers for distribution. However, you end up being able to distribute only 750. So, the remaining 750 are completely wasted. Web printing allows quick printing and delivery so you can order to print flyers in small batches, thus not only saving you time but also expense. Also, it gives you infinite possibilities for material customization.

3. Centralized Purchasing, Shipping, and Billing

Web printing technology makes it easy to centralize your business, from purchasing to billing. You can buy the materials, pick a shipping company, and receive your invoices all at the same time. This helps avoid any purchase error beforehand. The hassle-free system is easy to use for the customer and comfortable for you as well.

4. Secure Printing Environment

One goal of every business is to protect their brand identity by preventing unauthorized access to critical information related to your promotional or marketing materials. There is always a risk with traditional methods but web printing technology offers security. The core 7u65 system changes consistently for protecting your information, along with improving the customer

experience and their prospects. It blocks unauthorized access to your business Sudata, thus ensuring utmost security.

5. Happy Customers

Supplying your customer with their exact order along with supreme quality is what makes them happy. If your printers can deliver that, you will have a huge base of happy customers. Also because they control the entire process, they know their requirements will not be lost in the process. They win and so do you.

6. No Time Boundaries

With web printing, you can order and reorder printing anytime. Although the company can’t print during off-hours, you can always access your orders, revise them, and place new ones before your order goes to print. You can also get an instant estimate for a job on some interfaces which eases your work, especially when you have a deadline hanging over your head.

Value-for-Money Web Printing at Micro Printing

Now, the question is why pick us for web printing? We have a completely automated system to boost our production rate while reducing cost and time by obliterating traditional processes and in-house designers. With our technology and resources, we can help you fire up your next high-volume campaign, while also saving you money and time.

Our layout interface for customizing products allows customers to easily personalize their products. And we have a dedicated customer service team. We provide web printing for flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazines, comics, etc. And we offer a lot more than web printing.

For details, or to request a quote, call us at 905-670-7309 or email us at You can also visit our web printing page for more information.