What Are the Popular Types of Print Media for Business Promotion?

Tue Mar , 2019

Print media is still the go-to option for many business owners in the digital era for business promotion. This is primarily because the physical form has a personal touch that helps to build a better relationship. Another big reason behind the prevalence of print media is the declining competition as there is a massive shift towards digital marketing, despite the impact printed mediums have.

This post outlines the various printed mediums which are ideal for business promotion and are here to stay. Many businesses employ these methods in parallel to their digital marketing campaigns.

Different Print Mediums Ideal for Business Promotion

• Direct mail

Direct mail

When you have a specific target audience, direct mail can be particularly helpful. This is suitable when you have customers who will require a specific service or buy the products you are offering. Certain types of printed items are used for direct mail purpose. These are sent directly by post to the customers and potential clients. Leaflets, brochures, business cards, and postcards are primarily used for this purpose.

• Brochures


Brochures are a type of leaflet or booklet that is creatively folded in various ways. It contains detail about the company and the products and services offered by them. Sometimes, the brochure is printed focusing on a service or product which may be a new addition. Generally, brochures are for takeaway so that the client remembers your company and can contact you if they want to, using the contact details mentioned in the brochure. It can also be sent as direct mail to important clients which is a great way to maintain a good relationship. The unique folds of the brochure can make it stand out and be memorable to the prospective clients. Some popular folding methods for brochures that any printing company will offer are:

Half Z fold
Parallel fold
Quarter fold
Accordion fold

• Flyers


These are effective marketing tools for small organizations. Flyers are very precise and crisp in design which can easily draw the attention of viewers. Much like brochures, flyers provide basic information about the company so that clients can easily contact the company regarding the product. However, flyers are much more colourful and creatively designed to grasp the attention of the viewer at first glance. Unlike brochures, they are a single sheet of unfolded paper and there are no folding styles associated with. They can be printed in different sizes depending on the content and purpose.

Flyers can be used in various ways like:

Distributed at exhibitions
Put up on walls of places depending on the target audience
Distributed in stacks in the locality

• Large format

Large format printing is the method of making banners, posters, wall hangings and other big printed and graphical advertisement options. There is a wide range of eye-catching content that can be created using large format. They can be displayed using a retractable banner stand or as a full wall installation. It is highly customizable and if designed right, it can work wonders in bringing potential clients who can help with generating leads. If your advertisement content focuses mostly on images, this is the perfect option for you. Special effects like second-surface printing and white ink are some popular techniques with this format type.

• Magazines

Magazine Printing

Magazines are usually published monthly, weekly and in similar intervals and are a great way to connect with your clients. This print medium can be used in numerous innovative ways and as a tool for brand publicity.

For example, if your company is connected to the beauty industry, a magazine on sharing various tips, trends and relevant topics on fashion and beauty and featuring your top products and latest launches will be a great way to make your brand stand out.

You can also consider advertising in a reputed and established magazine which is a bit expensive but can be a perfect way to get more exposure.

• Books

Book Printing

When presenting a business idea to someone new, the first impression is extremely important. Instead of a booklet or brochure, case bound books elaborating the principles of your business and the various services you offer will be more appreciated by potential clients. You can step up your branding at every level through a customized book. It gives you better scope to explain the business ideas you have thoroughly to the potential clients and at the same time, has an elegance that creates a strong first impression.

Choosing the right printing service is important to make a good impression among your potential clients. The type of print media should be chosen based on the purpose, the target audience, and your budget. The above mentioned are some widely used methods of marketing through print media that are you can find easily from any printing service agency.