What Is the Impact of a High-Performing Business Card?

14 Jan

Are you looking for the best business card printing service in Toronto? We know a great business card can take your business to the next level. That’s why Micro Printing always aims to provide our customers with the most impactful business cards.

They not only advertise your business but represent your trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability. A well-designed card stands out enough to make the recipient want to hang onto it.

In this post, you will learn about why business cards are still important and how they can positively impact your business.

What Is the Importance of a Business Card?

What Is the Importance of a Business Card (1)

Standard business cards are purely utilitarian. They have all the information your prospective client needs but aren’t unique enough to distinguish themselves.

So, if you want to create a good first impression, go with a distinctive one to provide you with better results. It may take a little extra time and money to produce, but the added effort will be worth it. Following are the reasons why high-performing business cards are essential to your company’s success.

1. It Can Create Your Brand’s First Impression

Business cards are a window into the quality of a company’s products and services. Research shows that 72% of people form an opinion about a company based on the quality of their business cards. So, if you want to grab the attention of your target customer, you must have an effective business card.

In a world where people’s attention spans are decreasing, an eye-catching, well-considered business card with relevant information can build a favourable impression of a business. When you are trying to make a connection via your business card, you won’t want your brand to be considered ‘cheap’. So, try to create a memorable first impression with these attributes:

  • A correctly-placed company logo
  • 300-350 GSM paper (0.014 inches thick, to make it feel “weighty” and durable yet flexible)
  • Properly-displayed company details
  • The right brand colours

These qualities will make your brand more recognizable to customers. Contact Micro Printing to get business cards with a polished and contemporary look to create a great first impression.

2. It’s an Easy Way to Share Contact Details

Business cards are great for making genuine connections with clients and communicating your contact information. Yes, you can do that via text or email, but that is extremely impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and sharing business cards in an actual conversation is how real relationships begin.

3. They Never Glitch

The best part about business cards is that, unlike technical devices, they will never glitch. You can always access them, be it at a remote fishing camp, in the middle of a golf match, or at an industry conference. You can even use them in such situations where cell phones need to be turned off, like in hospitals or in flight. You can use this marketing tool whenever you need it.

4. It Gives a Personal Touch

When you hand out a business card, you are sharing not only your contact details but a certain trust. And people want to deal with businesses they feel are trustworthy. To retain that trust, make sure your card’s design speaks well for the business.

Your business card can help create strong long-term personal relationships. That’s why even in the era of digital marketing, they remain a relevant networking tool. But the results will depend on your ability to explore their potential in building your network. At Micro Printing, our experts can give you a perfect printing solution for your business card, postcard printing, bindery & finishing, and other requirements. To learn more about offset and digital printing, or to get a free quote for business cards, click here.

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