What to Look for in a Printing Service Company?

Thu Aug , 2015

Printing needs for businesses are plenty. This makes it important for a business to choose a printing service that understands its needs and provides accordingly. There are a plethora of printing services and options, but as a business you ought to choose one that closely matches your requirements. If you are on the lookout for a printing company, here are a few things that you should look for:

• Timely Deliverables

When you choose a printing company you need to check on their timely deliverables. You need to find out whether they are able to deliver on time and honor their commitment. Some companies take a long time to complete their orders on the pretext of delivering high quality prints. Opt for such a company only if you can spare that amount of time. Constant follow ups on orders play an important role in getting timely deliverables.

• Good Customer Service

Choose a printing company that has a good track record of customer service. If you are able to establish and maintain an affable yet formal relationship with such a company, half your work is done. You have to communicate with the company right from the beginning, talking and explaining your needs. You can be a satisfied client only if all your requirements are aptly fulfilled. Good customer service forms the crucial bridge between the client and the printing company.

• Online Communication

It is important for printing companies to communicate online effectively. This kind of communication saves a lot of time. Sending material to be printed, sending proofs, etc. all are important aspects of fulfilling a printing order. Choose a company that can communicate well through emails as this saves time as well as money.

• Samples

When you place an order with a printing company, remember to ask for samples so that you know that everything is progressing in the right direction. Checking and approving a sample will give you an idea about the final output, colors, fonts, etc. By doing this you can also make some last minute changes in the content or spot errors if any. It is important that you take a close hard look at the sample handed out to you.

• Environment Friendly

Most printing companies do not have eco-friendly processes. However, with increasing awareness about environment friendly practices, many printing companies are adopting them. Choosing and opting to work with such a company will help protect the environment. Your business will also benefit from these practices!