Why is Print Marketing Important for Advertising?

Thu Jan , 2018

Print Marketing,  This also includes relevant advertising pieces which can be saved and read at a later time. Printed materials are perceived as being credible by the readers, especially when they are by familiar publications. Here are some reasons why print marketing is an important tool and must not be forgotten when you’re choosing your medium for advertising.

  • Lasts longer

Unlike ads available online, printed ads are available and last for a much longer time. Various print publications such as magazines, brochures and leaflets can be kept on display for months. Most digital media, like email campaigns, can be lost in a consumer or potential client’s mailbox or may be deleted before they even read it.

  • Extremely informative

As opposed to short messages shown on television or radio, print in advertising can be extremely informative. It has the ability to give small companies the ability to explain all of the benefits and features of its products in an ad in a small space in a newspaper or a magazine. However, a company wanting to sell an expensive product using print media has the alternative of creating a comprehensive brochure of their products. They can make a sales kit which may include a sales letter, colourful flyers along with their business card which can all be enclosed in a printed folder specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Helps build an image

Many business owners believe in using print media for advertising to build a stronger image for their company. Using pictures in brochures has the ability to further enhance the consumer’s understanding of the product or service being offered to them. A good example of this is liquor companies who have been using sleek advertisements in magazines for years to build a better image. Remember that a product or company logo is of utmost importance and must appear on all printed material.

  • Flexibility of position

Print media provides the option for you to choose exactly where your ad will be visible. You have the advantage of being able to choose whether you want your ad to appear on the back side of a magazine, ensuring maximum visibility, or next to a related article placed in a newspaper. Print also offers regional editions, fractional sizes and numerous other unique placement options.

  • Targeted marketing

Newspapers, magazines and newsletters have content which is only read by an audience who are interested in a particular topic. Hence, your printed advertisement will reach people who are interested in learning more about your business or product. Through print advertising, you have the advantage of being able to target readers based on their profession, common interests, region and numerous other factors.

Though most advertisers today are moving to the web to reach out to their targets, print still holds several benefits when advertising about your business, service or product. It can play an extremely important role in your marketing strategy and mustn’t be overlooked.