Why Paper is still Important for your Business?

Tue Sep , 2015

Paper has been around for several years now, with it being first discovered in China in 200BC. It has evolved majorly over the years to meet various needs. Although the online space is teeming with information of various kinds, that does not undermine the importance of paper that continues to be a major medium of communication of all kinds. Though concerns for preserving the environment continue to gain momentum, paper has sustained the test of time owing to certain inherent qualities like flexibility, durability, strength, low costs, etc. These properties have helped in creation and experimentation of different types of paper used for divergent purposes.

Having understood the importance of paper, we now need to understand how it is equally important for businesses. Different kinds of printed paper serve as crucial communication material for businesses irrespective of their size. Printing service providers offer various types of paper for different products like business cards, brochures, flyers, post cards, etc. In business printing, the quality of paper that you choose greatly enhances the appeal of what you want to print. For example, heavy paper with a glossy finish is always the best option for brochures because you would want to create an impression with all the information about your products and services. More importantly you would want potential clients to give it a second look and preserve it for future reference, which is why the quality of paper is crucial.

The quality of paper that you choose greatly determines the impression that you would want to make on your clients. On the contrary, you can opt for a light weight flimsy paper for flyers as they are not circulated for long. Similarly if you wish to mail newsletters or any other promotional stuff, lightweight paper is always better as it will have less postage cost. Important factors that determine the quality of paper you choose are:

• Purpose of communication
• Type of content or message that has to be conveyed
• Audiences
• Type of marketing material and its intended life span

All the above factors have to be in line with your marketing strategy and should work towards enhancing your brand image. You need to discuss these factors with your printer so that you are able to create the desired impact and impression. Good printing services usually stock a wide variety of paper of different qualities, textures, colors for their clients helping them choose what is best for them.